1970 El Camino – Hood Time!

When I got my El Camino the previous owner had a cowl air induction style hood that he planned on installing. It was painted black primer so I didn’t bother installing it.

The original hood has damage under the driver side mounting bracket. The hood is fracked along the point. Last night with the help of a friend we mounted the replacement hood. I plan on getting it painted this week.


1970 El Camino…

Damn squeaking noise is driving me nuts. I removed the wheel which was an adventure in itself since the tire shop I purchased from tightened the lug nuts so tight I was unable to remove the wheel. I also wanted to check the disc pad and calipers but couldn't do that either. I ended up going back to the tire service center and had them remove the lug nuts and reinstall them each by hand torque specifications.

I did find another zerk fitting located on top of the A arm. I did not apply any grease to this fitting since I couldn't see it with the left front wheel installed.

GL1800 Goldwing Oil Change…

I went ahead and did my own oil change since I wanted to use Mobile 1 20/50 synthetic oil. The mileage at the time of change was 56,113. I also replaced the oil filter with the OEM Honda model.

This particular oil blend is not cheap. Even with the online pricing it was close $10 per quart. It takes a little over 4 quarts to do a complete oil change.

In addition to the oil change I had to replace the left side low beam bulb as it was out. The right side was replaced but I forgot to log the date into this blog. I’m using Phillips brand bulbs at this particular cycle.

1970 El Camino…

Complete audio system rewire. The previous owner did an okay job but didn't follow and discipline. He just used what he had available and went with that.

I ordered all the correct gauge cables and hardware adapters to use a double amplifier setup. While I was at it I also redid the power connections to the battery to a robust and modern solution.

1970 El Camino

Well. I had work done in the left side bracket breaking off and last night some guy flagged me down letting me know my right side was down. Sitting at my favorite muffler shop getting it repaired by welding that sucker down.


Heck of busy these past few weeks. We just completed our first Luau and not switching bats over to another big event to be held in June of next year.

1970 El Camino Dash Lights…

The swept dashboard instrument cluster light brightness seemed to be on the dim side. I removed the upper Dash pad to access the 194 bulbs from the rear. I replaced all of the bulbs and the intensity didn’t seem to increase much, especially in the center area of the instrument panel. 

Tip, if you’re needing the same multiple bulbs for a project. You can purchase them bulk at your local auto parts store. This is a huge savings. In my case buying the packages would cost $30 for 10, I was able to get 10 pieces for $8 bucks. That’s a big savings. 

I even tried using the LED equivalent version, that made no difference at all.