Trying another audio system setup…

To determine if the Kenwood amplifier is drawing current overnight and draining my battery I’m installing a Quantum Audio QA-4160 and an Alpine 12″ ported box sub-woofer system.

I know I can use a multimeter in series to see if there is a leak but i wanted to give this a try too. As far as bass thump, the seat of the pants feeling is the two 10″ sub-woofers provide more of a sharper thump. I really haven’t pushed the mono sub today but will give it a whirl tomorrow. I do like the idea that i’m able remove the ported box easily whereas the dual 10″ sub box is way more heavier.

In the end I may end up upgrading my stock CS130 105 amp alternator¬†for a CS144 140 amp alternator and upgrade the battery cables and battery itself. I’ve spoken to a car audio specialist and they don’t use the capacitor route but rather upgrading the electrical system itself. It makes total sense to me.


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