1963 Thunderbird Temp Control…

I took Josie out for a ride and cruised along. All was going good until I got home and turned off the ignition. The motor turned off as expected but the electric radiator fans kept on spinning even with the ignition key completely removed. After some troubleshooting it turns out the piece of shit Durale controller failed again! This is the second one I purchased. I thought the first failure was due to a fluke but I guess they are not as robust they claim to be.

I ended up using a temp sender on the intake manifold that is set to 175 degrees fahrenheit. This activates a 12V 60A relay that powers up my dual electric fans. So far it seems to be working, it turns on as expected and the engine is running about 185 degrees (original setup was at 180F). Even though it is an increase in temperature it is not necessarily a negative thing. I’m closer to optimum running temperature.

I still need to figure out a manual “turn on” mode just in case something happens to the temperature sensor on a hot day.

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