1999 Cadillac Deville Antenna Mast…

I took apart my power antenna assembly this morning so I could replace the mast and cable. As it turns out the the cable was still in one piece and usable.

This is an easy fix, you may need two people so you can turn on the ignition and let the radio signal trigger the power antenna to extend. Once the antenna begins to extend you can turn off the ignition and hold the antenna in place. You’ll also have to remove the power harness (black) from the receptacle to prevent the antenna from going back down.

I used a pair vice-grips to hold the top section of the antenna while turning the end tip clockwise. This will allow removal of the lower two sections. The top section of the mast is the portion that connects to the cable. Luckily for me the lower sections of the antenna was part bent. 


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