1948 Chevy Rear End Job…

Drove the 48′ to the hideaway shop up the hills. Buddies helped me out by replacing the taller gears back closer to stock. The current gears were 3.73:1 and now have a set of 3.08:1 which makes normal driving so much better. The freeway speeds are attainable without the high RPM’s.

First off the location of the “secret” shop is way in the hell up the mountains and you have to drive approximately a mile on an obscure road at 5 miles and hour to just to reach the drive way.

This shop has literally everything you need to do a full on restoration or custom hot rod build such as lift, CNC, lathes, full sized media blaster, paint booth etc.

First thing was to remove all the old gear oil. This oil may have been there since the was first customized with the 10 bolt rear end.