One and only Filipino Restaraunt in NOLA..

We’ve heard about this Filipino restaurant located in New Orleans, LA. There is not a large Filipino population in NOLA so a place like Milkfish is unique. We had adobo last night and wifey wanted to get something else aside from the main dish so we checked out this new spot not from our Gentilly home location.

From the outside it’s deceiving. It gives the impression that this will be a small establishment but the setup is like the “shotgun” style homes I’ve seen and been to here in NOLA.




I’ve been to more Pinoy based restaurants than I can count. I live in Northern California where the population is huge and so we have a lot choices in our local area. I’ve never seen one that had the decor as MilkFish. It’s a different experience, something I’m not used to but not against. You definitely know you’re in an establishment that has the Filipino culture but nothing like the traditional places I’ve been to in the past.


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