Porsche 986 Boxster – rear deck replacement..

I’ve always been bugged looking at the Boxster’s rear deck. It seemed as if somebody exploded a box of golf balls inside the trunk as there were small dents coming from the inside. I found a black Boxster S model deck on craigslist and called the seller up.

We made arrangements for the weekend and I drove over for pickup. The seller was an interesting a guy as he was into making sport car replicas.

When I got to his place he showed me his Boxster S model that he had cut in half and extended 11 inches! I can’t wait to see his final work.



The swap out only took a few minutes, nothing really to it. The replacement deck had all the hardware already mounted. I had to use a little elbow grease waxing off the “Boxster S” logo that was removed from and sold to somebody else. That worked out fine since I don’t own that model.


IMG_7919 IMG_7920

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