Camera gear…

I’ve been into photography since I was a kid so that put me back in the film days. When I switched over to digital it was during the time consumer digital cameras were being offered. I picked up my first digital camera back in 1996. It was the latest and greatest for that time era, a Ricoh RDC-2 with a flip out monitor!

Nowadays, I use Canon and Fuji gear. I can’t recollect all the different digital cameras I’ve had the past couple decades. Below are my current gear a Canon 5DMK3, Fuji X100F & X100S. The X100S is more of backup camera to use in a pinch. The camera I use the most is the X100F, that little sucker has a shit load of features. A really big mega shit load of features.

Blog update…

I decided to separate the VW bus events into it’s own blog. Since we have two 1967 VW Buses it’s easier to keep it separate on another website location. This blog will continue for personal shit as I go along. Mostly for family to check on.

The VW blog is call vDUBUS
Check it out!