1970 Mustang Lowering…

Actually this post should be called “raising”. It turns out with my weight and a full tank of gas, sub woofer system in the trunk the car rubs when hitting a hard bump. I also had a hard time going over full length speed bumps. The ones with a break in the middle I could split and go over without rubbing. I even had a hard time getting on the driveway.

All the rubbing and bottoming out is the reason I decided to lift it up a few inches. I still need to confirm the stock leaf spring count. It seems like there should be one more spring stacked under there.

The previous owner used lowering blocks to drop the car. The original drop was 3″ and it had a nice stance to it but again that was the gas tank not filled up, sub systems and me in it.

After all the trial and error removing the blocks and replacing with another, I ended up changing out the blocks three time until I was happy with the results. Not an easy thing to do since the whole process takes a fair amount of time.

1970 Mustang – trunk makeover…

The rear trunk area of the Mustang has the gas tank completely exposed. I thought I was missing a cover when I first saw it. There are light covers or panels that you can purchase but not very robust.

With the help of my wifey we were able to cut out the carpet and form it around a panel. I was able to get all of the materials needed at Morgans Fabrics at the center of downtown Stockton.

1970 Mustang – rear deck speakers…

Today I removed the 6×9 speakers that came with the car. The were some off the wall brand that sounded bad. It turns out the speakers were mounted on the underside of the deck but no 6×9 hole was every cut out so the speakers were pressed against the rear side of the panel deck completely muffled of sound.

1970 Mustang Coupe…

Well , no more Josie! I thought I would be keeping the 1963 Thunderbird but as it turns out an opportunity to trade for a super clean 1970 Mustang Coupe that had a ton of work done already was too good of a deal to pass.

The previous owner went for the Boss 302 theme. It’s not a Boss original but it does have a look that is unique to itself. The body paint is a textured satin black with all the trims and badges shaved off. The wheel setup has Boss 20″ rears and 18″ wheels up front. The power train is a 302 with an aftermarket cam, headers and 4 barrel. The transmission is the factory C4 rebuilt. It has a 8″ rear end with a full time locker and mini spool setup.

1970 El Camino- Tachometer Installation…

Today I installed an Autometer brand tachometer. It very simple to hookup since the tach signal is taken from the HEI distributor connector. The interesting thing was finding a place to mount the tach without it obstructing to much of swept dash instrument cluster.

Everything worked out as planned during the installation. I did find a negative regarding the placement of the tach. When I use the left blinker I can barely see the indicator so I will inadvertently leave it on since the canceling mechanism is not functioning properly.

1970 El Camino mystery thunk…

I’ve noticed a “thunk” sound when changing direction front to reverse or visa versa. It doesn’t matter what the starting drive is.

This will happen when the wheels are turned all the way into one direction. I need to investigate.

This is a place holder posting.