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1967 VW bus belly pan…

When I removed the gear shifter and components I noticed the underside belly pan that covers the pedal was severely rusted and had a lot of road tar from over years of service. I checked online at a couple of VW vintage parts resellers and a reproduction pan was around the range of $150. That’s not bad but I thought I’d give it a whirl trying to remove the rust and road tar before making a purchase.

Both sides had rust but the inner skin had rust only since it wasn’t exposed to the road tar conditions. You can see the section where there is a leak in the brake circuit.

After spending a few minutes with a wired wheel and angled grinder I knew it was going to only take some elbow grease to get this panel back in shape.

After half an hour of clean up work I was able to get down to the bare metal. The belly pan is in great shape. I’ll do the other side and really clean up the remaining tar spots.  Once it’s all prepped I’ll shoot it with a coat of paint to protect it further from the road elements.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished gloss black rattle can finish but it looked really good. The belly pan has been installed and secured with more screws then I found it.

1948 Chevy Rear End Job…

Drove the 48′ to the hideaway shop up the hills. Buddies helped me out by replacing the taller gears back closer to stock. The current gears were 3.73:1 and now have a set of 3.08:1 which makes normal driving so much better. The freeway speeds are attainable without the high RPM’s.

First off the location of the “secret” shop is way in the hell up the mountains and you have to drive approximately a mile on an obscure road at 5 miles and hour to just to reach the drive way.

This shop has literally everything you need to do a full on restoration or custom hot rod build such as lift, CNC, lathes, full sized media blaster, paint booth etc.

First thing was to remove all the old gear oil. This oil may have been there since the was first customized with the 10 bolt rear end.

1967 V-Dub

As of today we are owners of a 1967 VW Transporter Standard. This is a totally different ride then either of us have owned. It has its own type of culture that we are not familiar with. Sure looks like a fun bus to go riding around in.