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100,000 pooking miles!!

We went on a ride today on the Goldwing with the intentions of hitting the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer. I sort of guess-a-mated the general area where we would end up at the beginning of my work week and I came damn close to the expected location.



The area we ended up hitting the historical mileage is a place located between Walnut Grove and Lodi, CA. It’s a place I like to take a ride to often or pass through if I want a change of scenery. The “Bird Sanctuary” was the perfect spot. IMG_5969

We’ve put a lot of miles together, especially on the Goldwing. It was only fitting when I hit the milestone mark of 100,000 miles my wife Lorraine was with me to be part of it.



New Gear…

Lorraine and I stopped by the Arlen Ness Store located in Dublin California for a pair of riding glasses. We both needed some since our older sets had bit the dust many months ago. This time we went with the WileyX brand that has the removable deflection padding. I We know now how important having the removable option is as our original set became unusable after many sweaty summer days. I’ve always wanted a set like these since they change shading depending on the available sunlight. I can now have one set to use for both day and night time riding conditions.

At the same time Lorraine eyed the carbon fiber helmets and made a comment how less “kazoo” looking they were. We ended up buying one for each of us. These are considered riding gear and it’s my philosophy that if you have proper and safe riding gear you lessen the chance of an accident. Our helmet collection is growing steadily. I myself see using only 2 or 3 the rest are going to collect dust.

We tried the out the new gear tonight and both the helmet and glasses past with flying colors. I can’t believe how light the carbon fiber helmet feels on my head and how much protection my new WileyX glasses provides.

Riding streak…

Well my riding streak lately has been sporadic since I’ve had some health problems. I had surgery on my right shoulder rotor cuff. Even though that has been healing nicely my left side has something going on. I have an MRI and CT Scan scheduled for the week coming. Once I get all fixed up I’ll continue with the rides!


Throughout any time of the riding year the coldest month of all is January. Most of my morning commute hovers around freezing temperatures. Even if you gear up  you’ll start to feel the cold bite an hour into the ride. Once in a great while it’s nice to take the cage to work.


Record setting event!

I made it! I started riding my motorcycle to work (mostly the Wing) every day. It began on Dec. 26th 2006 and ended Jan. 8, 2008. I rode the bikes completely through the 2007 year! I did decided to call it done when Lorraine needed a ride to work. She’s going through leg rehab. At times it was tough but what a great experience and with many stories to tell.