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Different info on my 2002 Porsche Boxster aka – Beater Boxster.

Beater Boxster 986 climate control…

Ever since I got myPorsche Beater Boxster I had no climate control. The original owner must have tried to fix it since so many pieces were broken and fuses related to the climate controller were missing. I bought a used controller I found on craigslist and took it apart. It turns out I two types of controllers and just swapping them caused my fuse to blow. Sounds familiar? The next step was to see what circuit board was causing the fuse to blow. Even I would have a blown fuse the climate controller still had power as the front panel remained illuminated. I traced back the blown fuse to the instrument cluster, this caused a major problem since all the engine vitals rely on the reading the gauges and monitors.

After troubleshooting for awhile I decided to swap out the main circuit boards. Once I had everything back together I did a test “turn on”. No blown fuses and both the instrument cluster and climate controller were working properly. I re-installed all the parts and finished installing all the console units. Not bad for a cheap fix, soldering iron and a few hours.



This is the climate controller before my repair. Not only was the display faulty the controller portion did not adjust hot or cold temperature values and fan speed.


This the after the repair photo. Also notice the placement of the radio and climate controller. I placed the controller at the highest DIN and radio directly under it. I took out the useless cupholders and purchased a cubby storage container you see at the bottom. The CD disc holder should be replaced with something more useful as I no longer use the built in CD player since I have an iPhone AUX adapter installed.


Beater Boxster brakes…

One thing about the Porsche, it has so many sensors that monitors various vitals of the car. When I first got the car I had the “break wear” warning. I knew I had to get them done soon.

I had both of my front pads replaced with after market ceramic pads and had new rotors installed at the same time. Since the wheels were off the calipers were painted red with high temp caliper paint.


New toy Porsche Boxster 986…

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted a Porsche car. I guess when your a kid you when  you think of racing cars and speed you automatically think of Porsche (or at least I did).

Earlier this morning I picked up my Porsche 986. It is far from being pristine but that’s okay I just call it my restoration project 🙂 Since it has a long way to go to fix up I’m going to call my Porsche “Beater Boxster”. The Boxster is the model name.