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Heck of busy these past few weeks. We just completed our first Luau and not switching bats over to another big event to be held in June of next year.

Westbank Mississippi…

One of our traditions while visiting NOLA during the Independence Day Celebration festivities is going to the Westbank of the Mississippi to a place called the Algiers. We can see the dueling barges fireworks from the grassy levee side.

IPhone Sceen and Heat…

Well, my iPhone screen finally popped out on the left side due to the internally battery expanding. I had fallen asleep in the car and the iPhone battery expanded due to the extreme heat. I fell asleep and it could have turned out ugly if I didn’t wake up in time. 

I had it repaired at a local phone repair shop on Magazine street that was recommended by an AT&T employee before I was about to do a phone upgrade. 

The Drive…

Headed out to New Orleans a couple days ago and made into town. We various traffic hiccups but the worst of it was in Baton Rouge where there was a couple of accidents and the 4th of July weekend crowd leaving early off of work and traveling on I