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Big Easy…

Going to be heading out to New Orleans by car later on today. We’ve driven across the country so many times I’ve lost count. I’m still not certain the route to take but leaning towards cutting through I-10 and long ass Texas. 

Hottest of the week…

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the week during this heatwave. It’s been hovering around 109F while cruising the back roads. I’ve been wearing a long sleeve yellow T-shirt to help out with the airflow and blocks direct sun hit Blast.

By the time I make it to my home town (an hour later) the temperature usually would have dropped 6-7 degrees. This is a significant drop even though it is still over the 100 mark. It doesn’t have the “biting” heat and actually doesn’t feels nearly as hot as when I firt headed out.

I’ll post the ride results later when I get home and cooled off.

As it turns out it was about the same as the beginning of the week. I hit 111F degrees somewhere on Sunrise Blvd near HWY 16 Jackson Road.

Hot commute…

Took this photo in the shade! There were sections on my way home that hit 111 degrees, now that’s freakin hot. Later on this week the predicted high temp is around the 110 degree mark. That means there will be pockets of extreme asphalt heat ranging in the 113 degrees range. It supposed to be over a week long heatwave. 

Hot commute week!

This week weather forecast is scheduled to be over 100F plus. I’ll be riding the most dependable vehicle we have. The Goldwing. 

For some reason this morning my vision has been completely blurry, it normally clears up after a few minutes. It was bad riding all the way in from home. 

Fathers Day & J-Boyz…

It’s been so long since I’ve gone to a theater to watch a movie I can’t remember the one I was in. Today my sons took me to the one located at downtown that has been converted to large reclining seats and spacious area. What a difference in comfort and ambience watching the movie. It has me thinking of watching other flicks at the movie theaters as long as it has the latest comfort standards.