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Harley pre-neutered…

This is what Harley does most of the day. He’s so kicked back and relax during the day. At night when we take him for a walk it’s a different story. He’s out to get other dogs and cats. I arranged a vet appointment next week to take care of Harley (neuter time). He’ll be spending one night there for recovery. Everything will work out fine.


Getting better…

Well my insomnia is getting a little better and my withdrawals to the pain medications seems to have gone but I’m all out of whack in my sleeping schedule. I guess I’ll have to force myself to stay up during the day and not take the catnaps. I found the only thing on TV late at night are the infomercials. I think I’ve watched every get rich quick scheme known to the planet now.


Who would have thought I would ever have trouble sleeping? For the past couple of days I have not slept at night, I mean eyes wide open staring at the ceiling awake. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s due to me not taking any pain medications. I stopped cold turkey a couple of days ago and I am showing the classic symptoms.


The 4th came and went…

As far as the actual celebration I didn’t do too much since I’m not supposed to be very active yet. There were plenty of activities to do but all of them were motorcycle riding related so that left me out. We did swing by the clubhouse and helped out with the 4th of July parade float.

This evening we had a most excellent BBQ with some old friends. I had a great time and it was long overdue.

Pooking hot!

It’s going to be a scorcher today, somewhere near 106-107 degrees. Wearing this goofy neck brace will definitely have me staying in doors. Harley chillin’ inside, too hot to be laying out in the shaded backyard. Mallory came by tonight for some battered fish and rice. She’s going to be heading back to NOLA tomorrow. It’s always sad when she leaves but I know that she’s found her home in New Orleans.


One down!

I had surgery today to remove a damaged cervical disc and fuse my C6/C7 vertebrae’s together. Everything went great and man did I have a lot of family and club support! I was originally scheduled to spend 3 days in the hospital and ended up spending only one night. Once I knew what the requirements were for me to leave the hospital I was on it. I have noticed that the numbness in my left side is all but gone and the pain in my back is not noticeable. The only discomfort I have is my throat where the jammed a breathing tube down inside my throat and shoved all my vital organs to the side. I also feel some discomfort in the back of the neck area where the actual surgery occurred. I’m sure that will go away in time.


Bugs taking care of me! She even snuck in a french fry during my first night a few hours after surgery. I know I asked for it but it wasn’t such a good idea as I had a hard time trying to get anything down.


We have a new Harley!

I’ve been looking for a pet dog for some time now. Everyday I would check out the local newspapers and online ads. I came across this ad of a Siberian Husky and Boxer mix. What got me was the photo of a dog with a 3 year old laying on his belly and the dog didn’t seem to mind at all. After a few exchanges with the current owner Lorraine and I went and paid a visit. We both new “Harley” was going to be part of the family immediately. He is so calm and the temperament is absolutely amazing.


Memorial Day, NOLA food time!

Lorraine and did some shopping today at the local Food 4 Less and she spotted these packages of New Orleans Mix so she decided to make a new dish for this Memorial Day. She cooked up red beans and rice, fried chicken and Jambalaya! I really like this combination while were in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and once again Lorraine hooked me up 🙂


Back into the daily…

Chit! It has been a long time since I’ve been able to work. My pooking highlight of the day was fixing the backyard screen door that I learned how from watching a youtube video, now that sucks. I’m going to have to start doing some projects around the house to keep sane just as long as they are not physically demanding. That sucks again.

To top it off, I had a spinal cervical vertebrae epidural injection shot last Monday that was supposed to relieve pain in about 3-5 days. It is now day 7 and I don’t feel any difference. The numbness on my left side and pain in my back has not improved. The only thing that will work i believe is surgery and I’m waiting for my date.

Back home in Cali…

We got up early this morning to head off to the airport, Mallory and Andrew took us. It was hard saying goodbye to Mallory the first time now I have the additional sadness of saying goodbye to my youngest, Andrew.

I’m not going to blog what I felt at the time, I will keep that to myself. We took off from New Orleans and landed in Denver Colorado where we had a 3 hour lay over, nothing much to say but I damned near gagged when we found a smoking lounge. I guess it was better than leaving the security area and having to recheck in.

Our flight from Denver to Sacramento was really uneventful. Lorraine and I couldn’t get seats together again but we sat on the same row a few seats apart.

Upon landing a club brother/friend picked us up in our non-air conditioned car. The temperature was somewhere near 104-108 degrees. Yeah, welcome back to sunny California! Chilled out the rest of the day/evening, watched the Rockets lose to the Lakers and Celtics lose to Orlando Magic.

Check the interior temperature of the Vue before I took off to grab some pizza! Yes, that’s right 122 degrees!!!