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We have a new Harley!

I’ve been looking for a pet dog for some time now. Everyday I would check out the local newspapers and online ads. I came across this ad of a Siberian Husky and Boxer mix. What got me was the photo of a dog with a 3 year old laying on his belly and the dog didn’t seem to mind at all. After a few exchanges with the current owner Lorraine and I went and paid a visit. We both new “Harley” was going to be part of the family immediately. He is so calm and the temperament is absolutely amazing.


Memorial Day, NOLA food time!

Lorraine and did some shopping today at the local Food 4 Less and she spotted these packages of New Orleans Mix so she decided to make a new dish for this Memorial Day. She cooked up red beans and rice, fried chicken and Jambalaya! I really like this combination while were in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and once again Lorraine hooked me up 🙂


Back into the daily…

Chit! It has been a long time since I’ve been able to work. My pooking highlight of the day was fixing the backyard screen door that I learned how from watching a youtube video, now that sucks. I’m going to have to start doing some projects around the house to keep sane just as long as they are not physically demanding. That sucks again.

To top it off, I had a spinal cervical vertebrae epidural injection shot last Monday that was supposed to relieve pain in about 3-5 days. It is now day 7 and I don’t feel any difference. The numbness on my left side and pain in my back has not improved. The only thing that will work i believe is surgery and I’m waiting for my date.

Back home in Cali…

We got up early this morning to head off to the airport, Mallory and Andrew took us. It was hard saying goodbye to Mallory the first time now I have the additional sadness of saying goodbye to my youngest, Andrew.

I’m not going to blog what I felt at the time, I will keep that to myself. We took off from New Orleans and landed in Denver Colorado where we had a 3 hour lay over, nothing much to say but I damned near gagged when we found a smoking lounge. I guess it was better than leaving the security area and having to recheck in.

Our flight from Denver to Sacramento was really uneventful. Lorraine and I couldn’t get seats together again but we sat on the same row a few seats apart.

Upon landing a club brother/friend picked us up in our non-air conditioned car. The temperature was somewhere near 104-108 degrees. Yeah, welcome back to sunny California! Chilled out the rest of the day/evening, watched the Rockets lose to the Lakers and Celtics lose to Orlando Magic.

Check the interior temperature of the Vue before I took off to grab some pizza! Yes, that’s right 122 degrees!!!


Getting close to one month!

It’s getting close to one month of being unemployed and it’s the weirdest feeling ever! I can’t actively look for a job right now until I have my spinal cord/neck surgery but I can do odd programming jobs here and there. One thing, my XBOX360 scores have gone up exponentially!

Andrew has been coming around a lot lately and working on some recordings and beats. He’s going to be leaving real soon for New Orleans!


After 28 years of continuous work I got my first pink slip ever! It’s a weird feeling to not get up early in the morning and head to work. Now I get up, hop on the computer and go job searching. I heard it was tough out there to find a job and now I’m getting the full story. What I did for a living is hard to find in a economy that is cutting back mass production. The days of producing high tech industrial electronics in mass quantities seems to be behind us. I can remember a few years ago setting up production lines in China thinking how can there possibly be enough buyers. I suppose at that time companies were buying anticipating huge sales and there were, for awhile. It seems the high tech industry has slowed down to a crawl customers are buying just to fill current orders and not taking in a backlog avoiding a huge inventory. Customers are getting tighter with their dollars and it has affected everyone from the engineer designing the product to the assembler building it. I fall in between that tech food chain and now feeling the full affects. So what do I do? Take time off staring at sites like and type a few lines here to distract me for a minute. Oh well, nuff’ said, back to the search…