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Getting close to one month!

It’s getting close to one month of being unemployed and it’s the weirdest feeling ever! I can’t actively look for a job right now until I have my spinal cord/neck surgery but I can do odd programming jobs here and there. One thing, my XBOX360 scores have gone up exponentially!

Andrew has been coming around a lot lately and working on some recordings and beats. He’s going to be leaving real soon for New Orleans!


After 28 years of continuous work I got my first pink slip ever! It’s a weird feeling to not get up early in the morning and head to work. Now I get up, hop on the computer and go job searching. I heard it was tough out there to find a job and now I’m getting the full story. What I did for a living is hard to find in a economy that is cutting back mass production. The days of producing high tech industrial electronics in mass quantities seems to be behind us. I can remember a few years ago setting up production lines in China thinking how can there possibly be enough buyers. I suppose at that time companies were buying anticipating huge sales and there were, for awhile. It seems the high tech industry has slowed down to a crawl customers are buying just to fill current orders and not taking in a backlog avoiding a huge inventory. Customers are getting tighter with their dollars and it has affected everyone from the engineer designing the product to the assembler building it. I fall in between that tech food chain and now feeling the full affects. So what do I do? Take time off staring at sites like and type a few lines here to distract me for a minute. Oh well, nuff’ said, back to the search…

Winter stormin’

It was THE WORSE weather conditions since I started my riding streak. A major storm hit Northern California and I was determined to not take the car and ride it out. I have to say I used a lot of my past riding experience in that short 1.5 hour trip to work. I also gained some 10 fold.


A lot of accidents on the freeways as well as surface streets. Cagers were crunching it everywhere. I had to keep a close eye around me at all times. I’m not sure I would purposely ride a storm again in the future after experiencing this one.

By the way I should mentioned I completed my streak of 1 year riding to work on a motorcycle. I still haven’t driven the cage to work. I’m thinking of a new goal of 2  years. Well see…