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Drone flying…

I went out for some drone flying time at a local park. I had the whole area to myself when I first arrived but a half hour later a bunch of soccer moms and dads pulled up with their orange cones and started setting up downfield. I had to make sure I stayed away from the general area in case I lost control of the Phantom 2.


I added a the propeller guards until I maneuver the Phantom 2 with confidence. I figure it made economical sense purchasing the guards than replacing the props.


Christmas Day..

This years Christmas had one goal. To be with our grandson Josol first Christmas ever. We drove all the way from the West Coast just so we could share this special day with him. I took this selfie of us after the Christmas presents have been opened.


Those white powder balls…

It’s been a standing tradition and record that overtime we come to New Orleans we order beignet’s from one of the local places. The most famous of them all is Cafe Du Monde located at the French Quarter and it used to be the one we always went to since we typically stayed at the French Quarters.

Now that we are staying in Gentilly for our visits we go to the Morning Call Cafe located down the street in New Orleans City Park. As far as the taste and quality it’s the same as CDM’s. I’m no expert but I do know when I’ve eaten less tasty beignet’s.




We made it! 1 day, 15 hours, 22 minutes later…

It was a long grueling drive to NOLA. The driving itself wasn’t difficult since we didn’t really have bad weather except for thick fog between Amarillo and Fort Worth Texas. The tough part was staying awake and alert after driving over 39 hours straight. We could have taken a hotel break but that would have meant less time to spend with Baby J! I’m not sure we are going to take the same aggressive schedule on the way back. It will depend on the weather and the wifey 🙂



Road trip in style!

I have to say taking the wifey’s BMW 330ci has been a great experience in traveling. It has the luxuries you need all in a car that can handle well and has a lot of power. There have been several cases where I had to jump on the acceleration to avoid slowing down traffic or being rear ended. The luggage space is not the biggest but plenty enough for two, even more if you use the rear seats.



Dallas highway maze…

I’ve only driven twice through Dallas on my way to New Orleans and both times I was put through a maze due to my GPS not being able to navigate through road construction in process. I guess this piece of the highway interchange has been going through a long renovation because it looked the same as did a few years ago. In any case I burnt at least 30 minutes trying to figure my way out of there.


Gas price check…

We made a gas stop in Wichita Fall, Texas. We normally try to use Chevron as our primary fuel source but sometimes you’re not able to find one. I can’t even remember the last time I had seen gas prices below $2 bucks per gallon. It’s almost as if this area stayed in a stand still with the latest technology and events.


Cruising with the rag top down..

After stopping at Barstow, California and wolfing down a set of Burger King whoppers and fries we headed back down the road. We popped the top off and decided we give it a try since the iPhone weather app I was using indicated clear skies in the direction we were heading. We figured if it started to rain we would have enough time to pull over and use the rag top.


Driver switch off…

I think the toughest part of driving to New Orleans is the trek through Texas. It seems like Texas is endless and the landscape is all the same. After riding Highway 287 for a while me and the wifey swapped drivers. I saw this beat up motel (if you could call it that) a rocks throw from where we parked.

I’ve driven and ridden across a lot of highways in my life and this is one you don’t want to have car troubles in the middle of the night. I’m just saying…