Throughout any time of the riding year the coldest month of all is January. Most of my morning commute hovers around freezing temperatures. Even if you gear up  you’ll start to feel the cold bite an hour into the ride. Once in a great while it’s nice to take the cage to work.


Record setting event!

I made it! I started riding my motorcycle to work (mostly the Wing) every day. It began on Dec. 26th 2006 and ended Jan. 8, 2008. I rode the bikes completely through the 2007 year! I did decided to call it done when Lorraine needed a ride to work. She’s going through leg rehab. At times it was tough but what a great experience and with many stories to tell.

Winter stormin’

It was THE WORSE weather conditions since I started my riding streak. A major storm hit Northern California and I was determined to not take the car and ride it out. I have to say I used a lot of my past riding experience in that short 1.5 hour trip to work. I also gained some 10 fold.


A lot of accidents on the freeways as well as surface streets. Cagers were crunching it everywhere. I had to keep a close eye around me at all times. I’m not sure I would purposely ride a storm again in the future after experiencing this one.

By the way I should mentioned I completed my streak of 1 year riding to work on a motorcycle. I still haven’t driven the cage to work. I’m thinking of a new goal of 2  years. Well see…