Bikes and Chickens…

The traffic in Shanghai is famous. I’ve talked to guys who traveled all over the world and we all agree, nothing tops this place! It’s amazing what you’ll see on the roads. I’ve seen half a pic sliced down the center with the hind quarters straddled over a motorcycle, live chickens mounted on a bicycle (shown below).


During my two months total stay I think I’ve seen a total of 6 wrecks. I think that is amazing considering how dangerous EVERYONE drives. I can’t even count the near misses I witnessed.


Our daily drivers which we named Gucci and Louie Vatton are expert van drivers. They got us through the rush hour traffic like it was an amusement park ride. The constant honking, headlight flashing, brake screeching sounds all become normal. By the time I left Shanghai I didn’t even flinch when it came to near misses, though I do admit heading straight onto the larger busses and trucks got me thinking “what if” scenerios.


Heading home…

This work tour seemed to last forever. I have so much at home to appreciate and not enough time there to enjoy. As I looked through the airplane window I realized I literally flew around the world this time. I flew to Chicago, Stockholm, Vienna, China, Japan then finally to San Francisco. Unbelievable.


I found it! Redbull!

Well after being here a couple of weeks I finally found the Chinese version of Redbull and replacement Twinkie. One thing I noticed immediately it didn’t have the throat burning carbonation as the US version. It does appear to be made by same company in Austria.



I’m fairly burnt out on Chinese food. This happened to me in Thailand too, after awhile you start looking for food that reminds you of home. In this case anything but Chinese food sounds good. I found this Brazilian BBQ place not too far from the hotel. The food was good, mostly meat. Once I find a meal I like I tend to go there a lot. I’m sure by the time I leave Shanghai, I will have made many visits.


Great Wall of China!

Well this is the highlight of my trip to China. Standing in front of a huge video display of the “Great Wall of China”. This about as close I as I’m ever going to get since Bejiing is approximately 12 hours away by train. It would have been nice but no way.


Central Shanghai…

After lunch today myself and a few co-workers traveled to Central Shanghai to pickup a few electronic parts. I found every car in the city heads toward the center. The traffic was horrible, took about an hour to travel 7 miles each way.

No matter where you are in Shanghai something is either being built or destroyed. I notice these bamboo scafolds being used all over the city. Who would have thought it would be robust enough. Apparently it is because it’s the preffered method around here. When you stop and think about it, who says it’s not a better method than what were using in the states? They have 20 million plus people, they must have figured out by now the most efficient ways of doing things. Ya think?



Walking around town you see these guys literally dangling from the sky. They tie themselves to the top of a building and start working on the building top to bottom. From what I could see they were using “putty” to fix cracks or holes on the walls.

If these guys should fall, it would be straight into the crowded streets below. The lesson learned, not only watch for pickpockets from the front and rear but also above!


Settling down in Shanghai…

I’ve been in the Shanghai Hilton since Sunday morning. I’ve fully adjusted to the time zone difference from Sweden. I’ve been trying to eat more on the Western type style food. If I ate Chinese, it was at the hotel restaraunt and what they delivered for lunch at my workplace which was some serious down home authentic grub which I probably ate only half of due to I couldn’t recognize the other half.

The traffic is totally insane! Car and pedestrian misses are normal. I’ve taken quite a bit of video footage to put together later on. Every morning my co-workers and meet downstairs for a taxi ride to the plant. After a long day of work take the taxi back to the hotel for dinner then rest. Wake up the next day for the same thing over and over.