New place to grub…

I’ve been taking the scoot out for lunch several times a week. Since I’m on the bike I typically go by myself. This means anywhere that looks good to eat I just park and give it a try. I found this Teriyaki place not too far from my building. It turned out it is owned by Filipinos and they serve some down home grub. I’m going to work my way down the menu, I’m at menu item 3 :) One thing that deserves mentioning is that they have motorcyle only parking right out front!


Weekend at Union Square…

Even though the hotel does not have all the nice extras it does have one great qualily, location. We are walking distance to all the great shopping retailers in the aresa. Most of them are high dollar stores that we just pass and say “nice display”.


We had stayed in this hotel awhile back. They have this baby grand piano in the lobby. A kid wearing a backpack was playing classic Mozzart. It was amazing watching this kid jam along. I asked the hotel personel about him and they said he knowlonger comes around anymore. I guess he found another piano to play for free.

One thing that is tough about a lot of the San Francisco hotels is the No Smoking rules. Most of them are smoke free buildings so you’ll have to take an elevator downstairs and stand outside to burn one. Poor Bugs (me too) had to go outside.

All in all it was another great weekend in the city…

Still going…

I’m still riding the scoot everyday to work. There had been some days where it was super cold, even for me. I think the coldest yet was 23F. Even though I’m completely geared up the cold cuts in once I’m on the open highway. I can’t wait for the warmer months to come!

It seems like I’ve seen quite a bit more accidents too. These are not the little fender benders but the flipped over totally caved in roof variety. I’m sure out of all the ones I’ve seen this year someone was probably still in the car. Everyone needs to just slow down…

I’ve been working for my new company a whole month now :)

Easy Rider Show…

Vincent and I went to go to the Easy Rider show held in the Sacramento Convention Center every year. On our way up I-5 we stopped and helped out a biker that ran out of gas. We took him to the closes gas station for petro and brought him back to his scoot. One thing about bikers, you always help one another out because you’ll never know when you’ll be needing it.

Show was great as usual, Vincent picked up an interesting shirt…

1st Commute!

I took off early this morning for my first day at work. It will take some adjusting as I’m supposed to be at work by 8am!!! By the time I get to leave it’s dark again. Leave in the dark, come home in the dark. It will be fine once the winter months wear off.


Time to say goodbye!

Well, after all these years working in the telecomm industry I’m finally hanging it up. One of the positives about leaving the company, I will not have to travel all over the planet which was a factor in me making the decision. So from this point on, my “while commuting” entries will be between Stockton and Folsom. That itself will take time getting used too.

It was sad leaving co-workers and friends I met during the past 25 years but I’m excited about the new challenges to come. The photograph taken below is my last day at work. Nice going away BBQ potluck, a motorcycle shop seat and many well wishes. A couple of fellas took the fork lift and sealed me in my office. I literally had to climb over office cubicles.


Bikes and Chickens…

The traffic in Shanghai is famous. I’ve talked to guys who traveled all over the world and we all agree, nothing tops this place! It’s amazing what you’ll see on the roads. I’ve seen half a pic sliced down the center with the hind quarters straddled over a motorcycle, live chickens mounted on a bicycle (shown below).


During my two months total stay I think I’ve seen a total of 6 wrecks. I think that is amazing considering how dangerous EVERYONE drives. I can’t even count the near misses I witnessed.


Our daily drivers which we named Gucci and Louie Vatton are expert van drivers. They got us through the rush hour traffic like it was an amusement park ride. The constant honking, headlight flashing, brake screeching sounds all become normal. By the time I left Shanghai I didn’t even flinch when it came to near misses, though I do admit heading straight onto the larger busses and trucks got me thinking “what if” scenerios.