Morning Walk…

I got up early this morning to take an early morning walk after eating a light breakfast. I saw an interesting set of saddlebags, unique at least. They looked very authentic, I was tempted to check them out and see if it felt like cowhide but wasn’t sure if the owner would be piss for me trying. I took a photo instead.


Another shot I had to take was the car shown below. They are everywhere, it reminded me of the Goldwing. Everyone call the GW a car on two wheels, I call this thing a motorcycle on four wheels. Actually… these type of cars are classified as motorcycles and can be driven without a valid Sweden drivers license. Children just need to be at a certain age and pass a written permit test and they can drive something similar to the one shown below.


I did some more walking around Stockholm, after awhile I started getting bored and went into the subway system. Nice and cool down there. I found that if stayed with the orange lines I was bound to get back to the hotel.

I made a discovery this time around. I found you can get around by taking the “airport sidewalks” which I call the flat escalators. They go forward in direction and never up. It’s a nice way to get around town without getting hot, cold, rained on etc. A major plus is the fact knowbody gets in your way, were all moving the same direction and the slower bozo’s stay close to the right handrail as you buzz pass them. I also found if you press hard enough with your elbow between their shoulder blades they will notice you behind them. Also, for a quicker response, stick your hand in their rear pocket and start pulling the wallet.


The escalators go a long way down…


Took off again to check out a Matinee at the local Movie Theaters. I had to walk about 1 1/4 mile to get there to find out that they showed Miami Vice only once a day and that was a 9PM evening show. I said thanks with my “you suck” scowl and promptly left the theater.

Headed off towards Central Station to grab a bite, rice & chicken. I’ve eaten the exact same meal at least four times now.

Cappuccino Please…

One thing I’ve gotten hooked on is the free expressos, latte, cappuccino’s they have at work. Just bring a cup, poke a button and instant wakeup buzz! At first I just watched the guys drink up during the breaks then one day I thought I’d give it whirl. That’s all she wrote! Like clockwork now, have it in the morning, noon, mid-afternoon sometimes more. The photo below is the exact model I use (see what happens when your stuck in the hotel, doing research on expresso machines!)


Season is changing…

The summer season is coming to an end here in Sweden. I woke up this morning to see the fog rolling in. It started about 5am by the time I left an hour later the fog got really thick. One good thing, I don’t have to drive in this weather. I’m still taking the Tube and Trains to get to work. It will get interesting as the foggy season arrives and I’m still walking through the forest to get to work.


Another shot a few days earlier…


Early Morning…

I’m still trying adjust to the time zone change, find myself waking up early in the mornings. I can already see the difference between sunrise and sunset. The last time I was here it the sun was already coming up around 3:30am and setting down close to 10:30pm which made super long daylight hours. It has definitely shortened as I took this photo around 6am and notice it starts to get dark around 7pm. The shot below is a rare shot with not the usual hustle and bustling crowds below. I plan on having an early breakfast and go birthday gift shopping for Bugs today.


I just had breakfast downstairs not too many in the hotel. I think the tourist season just about ending. It was still early so I took a stroll to Central Station to pickup a couple magazines to read later on tonight. As I was walking out of the station it dawned on me that i paid over $28.00 for two freakin’ magazines when it would have cost me $13.00 in the states!!! I seem to be learning more lessons this time around, don’t take for granted pricing even when its the exact same items.


Went for a walk around Kings Garden. It turns out they had a rally for a great cause, it felt good being part of this super event where thousands gathered in support of… didn’t have a clue! All the literature was in Swedish, their speeches were in Swedish, songs, buttons, freebees all in Swedish. I do know ECCO sponsored the event ­čÖé


This weekend happens to be election time. I’ve seen different candidates giving speeches on TV. One of them happened to be in the “Square” next to the Pedestrian Shopping Walkway. This is an abnormal election as a splinter group is trying to create a recognized party. The elections happen this coming Sunday, I’ll hear more when I go to work Monday…


Missed my station…

After spending so much time here I sort of consider myself a seasoned subway (tuber) and train commuter :0 Well, this morning I was munching on my traditional buttered bread pastries and swiggin’ down a can of redbull when I looked out of the boxcar window and noticed this huge rolling pasture with the sun just starting to edge above the grass. Hold on! sh_t! I’ve never seen this before. It turns out I must have daydreamed right past my train station towards Voxholm and the Baltic Sea.

I ended up hopping off the next station and waited for the next train heading back towards Stockholm. One funny note, I started getting ready as I heard the train coming, got in primo calculated position where the train doors would open, roller laptop bag poised and ready for action, knowbody else budged. I didn’t give it too much thought until I see this train coming towards us so fast I thought no way in hell was that thing going to stop in time! It didn’t, blew right pass me flapping my jacket and shifting the cool shades on my head. No wonder they did’t budge. It turns out not all trains stop at all stations. Doh! That’s cool, I knew that people. It didn’t matter that I now had to stand since someone snagged my place on the single wooden bench.

The whole event added an hour to the commute if you look at it that way, I thought of it as another adventure as I got to see wide open pastures as well as heavily densed forest areas all in one trip and I learned another lesson in traveling…


Back in Sweden…

Flew over to Sweden again, barely made my flights due to delays. They actually held the plane for me while I ran across the international terminal to make the flight (actually, I got a ride through most of it. That’s another story) It all started off with a hour delay leaving Sacramento and a 45 minute “hovering” pattern over Chicago until we got the clearance to land safely. At least I didn’t get stuck in the tarmac like I did the last time trying to leave Chicago for an hour. Oh well, safe at the Sheraton, can’t sleep yet, still trying to adjust…

Goldwing Time!

We bought a Goldwing today! A 2005, chrome everything! I got a lot of flack from the guys in the VTX club. They all said I was too young to be riding a motorcycle like that. It’s all part of my master plan to take Lorraine across the country on a motorcycle. Take a month off of work then away we go… How much cooler can that be?


Same old ssshhhhhh…

I’m traveling down South again, same old Shhhh..stuff. The trip to Southern Cal had to be one of the worse yet. Due to the heightend security precautions it took me about 2 hours to get through airport security.

┬áNothing new here, same ol’, same old. I have noticed that most if not all of the staff here is new. I wonder if they let all the former Wooley’s Petite employees go (it’s now La Quinta Inn). Nothing on television, time to update the blog!


Here we go again…

Flew down to Southern California again. This shot is the all too familiar view outside of my hotel room. I’ve stayed in this place so much I can’t really can’t count the times. That many. My usual room wasn’t available but at least the one I’m in has great internet access so I can do my blog :)