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Repairs, modifications and general notes on my new to me 1963 Ford Thunderbird.

1963 Ford Thunderbird…

I’ll have to say my time with the Mercedes Benz 380SL was the shortest car ownership I’ve ever had in my life. The car was cool and I dig the convertible scene but when it compares to always wanting an old school classic car. Well… see you later MB!

My 1963 Ford Thunderbird is in great shape. I don’t know how many previous owners there were but I have documents of two others besides me. One of the owners removed the stock 390 motor and installed a 429!



This motor looks monstrous inside of the engine cabin.Another first for me is owning a Ford. I’ve had many cars in my lifetime and never a Ford. For some reason I was never interested in a Ford car. I did look at a few vintage Ford trucks. I do like them.


1963′ Bird is hot!…

Literally!! I met the T-Bird seller at Rio Vista sort of a halfway point between us since he lives in Napa area. I went on a short ride when I arrived home from my maiden voyage. The temperature started creeping up while on the surface streets. Once it hit 220F I pulled over to cool off. Too late! The lower radiator hose burst open and sprayed fluid all over the street. Not a good first time cruising, especially with the wifey.


I originally wondered why there was a spring inside of the tube. The replacement hose did not have any wiring inside. It turns out it is very important and used to prevent any hose collapse caused by the large water pump vacuum at high RPM’s. I had to of course change this write away. If the hose collapse at higher RPM’s it will regulate or cutoff the water into the pump and seize circulation.


On the positive note, a few passerby vehicles stopped and said what an awesome car! Sort of took some of the sting out of an embarrassing situation.