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Same old ssshhhhhh…

I’m traveling down South again, same old Shhhh..stuff. The trip to Southern Cal had to be one of the worse yet. Due to the heightend security precautions it took me about 2 hours to get through airport security.

┬áNothing new here, same ol’, same old. I have noticed that most if not all of the staff here is new. I wonder if they let all the former Wooley’s Petite employees go (it’s now La Quinta Inn). Nothing on television, time to update the blog!


Here we go again…

Flew down to Southern California again. This shot is the all too familiar view outside of my hotel room. I’ve stayed in this place so much I can’t really can’t count the times. That many. My usual room wasn’t available but at least the one I’m in has great internet access so I can do my blog :)