Strange Clutch Cable Update…

I never updated the strange clutch cable issue I was having with the sled. When the problem was fixed I let it go as that and didn’t do a blog update. This is a place marker as to what the findings were. 

After all the grumbling to my patient HD expert mechanic I asked if he could put the stock clutch control back on to see if the problem would still be present. Almost immediately I could tell the difference between the two in active positioning. It turns out the after market Arlen Ness control has just a slightly curved handle than he stock model. This curve created a condition of making contact earlier to the handlebar or in other words didn’t have as much play as the stock control. 

Combined with heat the distance seemed to have descreased and was even more apparent. The clutch always wanted to grab causing the bike to want to bogged during idle. This created a whole different set of riding issues for me.