Vance and Hines Dresser Duals heat shield…

One thing I’ve learned while wiping down a sled is to check for loose or damaged parts. This morning while down the rear header pipe I noticed the heat shield moved excessively. I could see that the clamps were tight and snug but the heat shield was able to move away from the exhaust pipe by an inch or so. After I removed the rear lower clamp I was able to remove the whole heat shield without touching the upper two clamps!

It turns out the the welds broke on both upper mounting brackets. I’m pissed that I had these pipes on for only a few months, I purchased them new May 5, 2013 and I only have 2600 miles on the bike!!

My mechanic is going to see if I can get a replacement heat shield quickly as this must be a defect on their end. I’ll update this post and let you know what happens.

EDIT: I took the broken heat shield and mounting brackets to my machinist who welded the pieces back in place. I took a can of high temperature spray paint and gave it a few coats. After a few hours drying the finish wasn’t too far off from the front headers heat shield. At least I’m able to take the sled for a ride without risk of further damaging anything else.

Vance & Hines sent me a replacement heat shield after a two week wait. I have to say that’s damn good service since they never requested I send back the original header heat shield back.

I’m not certain I want to install the new replacement heat shield yet. I have high confidence my machinist made the welds strong, maybe even more robust then the factory. For now, I’m going to keep the repaired shield on. If the paint becomes more noticeably different in time I may install the replacement.


Roadglide iPod controller review…

I’ve been looking at the different ways to control my iPod Nano while riding the sled. I have seen the different manufacturers offerings as well as the official MOCO hardware version. When I had my Roadking I used a wireless device that wasn’t infrared so it worked great whatever orientation it was mounted and didn’t require a certain angle. I had 16″ apes so the remote was mounted high near the clutch side hand controls.

The remote manufacturer is called Scosche and they make a variety of electronics for the consumer market. This particular model was meant to be mounted on the steering wheel which means the mounting hardware is ideal for a handlebar configuration. The controlFREQ allows me to place my iPod (any iDevice) into the Roadglide fairing pocket and be free of weather elements. If you don’t want your remote damaged during heavy rain you an pop it off the cradle and stick it in your pocket. It will operate from that location too.

In the future I plan on getting one of the interfaces that allows you to control a iDevice using the stock handlebar controls and the benefit of viewing song information on the head unit display but this is a cheap and clean way to get some functionality of the expensive interfaces.

If you have the newer thunderbolt connector you can probably use a 30 pin docking connector adapter to your newer iDevice. I haven’t tried it out since I’m using the older 30 pin connection.

Being able to remove the Scosche remote controller is nice, especially if you’re not within viewing distance of you sled like inside of a restaurant. I just pop mine off and stick it in my pocket. If you’re into playing music while parked you can control the head unit easily.