Replacing apes…

I wrote earlier in this blog that you sometimes justify and defend the parts you select for your sled because you’ve already committed money and time. I’d like to think I do my footwork and research before deciding on a purchase. In the case of my Roadglide’s handlebars I made a costly mistake.

I originally thought the Yaffe’s Monkey Bars 10″ model would be tall enough for my height and riding position. Both my VTX1800R and Roadking had my arms at shoulder height. In the case of my 2003 Roadking my arms were slightly higher then my shoulders with the 16″ Wild ¬†Ones.

The Yaffe’s are nice looking bars but after a couple hours of riding the lower position and had me leaning forward too much. After REALLY researching the internet for ape hanger type handlebars the company Buky Bars kept coming up within the Roadglide community.

After checking out the different sleds with Buky Bars and other manufacturers I started to narrow down my choices and bar height. I originally thought I’d go from 10″ bars to 14″ and call it good. After reading posts by other Roadglide owners I started to see a trend in comments, most of them had wished they’ve gone with the 16″ height. I ordered the 16″ model..

When I received my Buky Bars Malo, 1.5″, black powder coated, meat hook I did a mock up on the Roadglide and compared to the existing Yaffe’s bars. It seems to me that 16″ on a Roadglide will not be the same as 16″ on a Roadking. The only real way to explain is by comparing my arm position using both motorcycles. On the Roadglide my arm position is about 2″ lower than on the Roadking. So in a nutshell if you want to ride high go for an additional 2″.

As it turns out I wasn’t able to save the Arlen Ness grips I had installed on the Yaffe’s. It’s probably a good thing since they didn’t match anything on the sled anyway. This time around I went with a model that will fit future cosmetic changes. Make sure you purchase the FBW version! I actually walked up to the counter with the older cable version and when I did a last minute check.


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