Damn Harley Davidson Cable! – (maybe)

This is an ongoing rant and investigation. When I had my 16″ Malo’s installed my mechanic ordered the HD clutch cable. This seemed to work out fine until the outside ambient air became hot. When I’m saying hot it’s really warm for Northern California weather. Temperature ranged between 85-90F degrees.

During the hot temperature the clutch would have too much play and it I wasn’t able to find neutral like normal and the clutch wouldn’t completely disengage. My mechanic had taken apart my whole clutch assembly to check out the plates for damage and found nothing. It was decided that maybe a bad cable was reason.

After re-installing another HD cable the problem occurred again at hot temperatures. This was the second cable and once again the clutch basket was town into to see if there were any worn parts. Nothing again.

The third time we used a different brand clutch cable and so far at hot temperature the clutch does not develop a slack and I’m able to engage or disengage the clutch like normal. The HD cable seemed move and become “soft” when the temperature rose almost as if the outer shielding became loose.

I’m still testing out the newer clutch cable and will see if it has any negative effects at temperatures over 100F.

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