Cyclesmiths Banana Boards…

To add to the blacked out theme I’ve been looking for… blacked out floor boards. The ones that kept popping up were the Cyclesmiths Banana Board series. I liked the idea of having the extra foot room. You almost don’t need pegs on a highway bar the way you can stretch out your legs. The pegs do offer more of an elevation and change in leg position and if you’re wearing baggy leg jeans you know you’ll be looking like you have shorts on the freeway.

I removed the old floor boards with no issues but when trying install the banana boards the stock bolts would not go in. I had to use a round file and remove some of the powder coat finish to get them to pass through. Once that was taken care of the floorboard rear mount fit as expected when installing the front bolt I noticed there was larger “gap” It turns out the rear has a lip or dimple around the bolt hole. This allows the bracket to fit snug. The front bracket does not have this so there is “slop”. Each board side had to be filed and had a front bracket gap.

One thing about the left side floor board. It’s hell of close to the primary cover!! The rear of the board is close I don’t think it will tilt upwards much if needed to be on a tight curve. I’ve left an email to Cyclesmiths support, I would like confirmation this is normal and maybe a couple of photo examples from a same year sled. I don’t want to add extenders as I like the boards close to the frame and I was assured prior to purchase this was a drop in replacement and no other modification would be required.

Hopefully I’ll get a response soon. Directly below is heck of blurry stock floor board…



Sort of the same angle view with the Cyclesmiths floorboard installed


IMG_6339Below is a close up of the left side floorboard. You can see how damn close the rear of the board is to the stock primary case cover.


After looking at the photos, I can I’m going to have to do something with the rear footpegs as they stick out like a sore thumb…


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