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Everybody has their own opinion on what they consider to be right, wrong, good idea, bad idea etc. When it comes to a mechanical or functionality issue of the motorcycle I tend to stay within the guidelines of the HD engineering team who designed my Roadglide. That doesn’t mean I won’t have modifications performed on my bike, I’m just saying there are limits or boundaries.

What do I consider limits and boundaries? Here’s an example. My previous HD was a 2003 FLHR Roadking that had a fairly kick-ass audio system for that period of time. In order to have a sled with a decent sound system you’re are going to have to lose bag space. In my case, the 300W ARC Audio took up half of the right side saddlebag. The remaining area was taken up by two 6X9 speakers in each bag, that’s 4 total!

A setup like this is fine if you’re not planning to carry much in your saddlebags or if you’re a fair weather short distance rider. If I have taken my Roadking across the country I would have returned 4 non-functioning weather beaten speakers and few “rolled into a ball” souvenir T-Shirts.

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