Buky Bars Malo’s Installed…

I’ve put about 400 miles the last few days and I can say I made the right decision going with the 16″ Buky Bars Malo’s rather than the 14″ I had originally ordered. The riding position is perfect for my height and once my rider backrest comes in next week I’ll be closer to the comfort ride I’m seeking. I’m still researching highway pegs and floor boards before I make that purchase.







HD Razor Tourpack…

One of the first parts I ordered for my FLTRX was a HD Razor Tour Pack. The main purpose of the TP was to provide a backrest for my wife when riding two-up. I used a removable backrest in the past for my FLHR Standard and that worked fine. I don’t plan on riding any long tours with this sled so my thought process was a little different.

This time around I wanted a different look and wanted a Tour Pack instead of just a backrest. I started looking at the different models available by HD and the third party vendors. After a week of looking around and checking out other Roadglide’s I decided on the Razor or Chopped Tour Pack by Harley Davidson.

I had given serious consideration for the third party tour packs and thought the look and function was comparable to HD. After reading reviews by owners that purchased the third party tour packs I decided I wanted the quality of HD and their color matched product. What we do with our sleds is a personal choice and I don’t really care what others do. ┬áCall it what you want but I like to see the Harley Davidson logo on the top of my cover and knowing it is a genuine product. The fact that it has a big part in changing the look of my sled I know I didn’t try to cut corners. I gave it my best shot.

Once again it became a choice of looks rather then function as I didn’t require the additional capacity a Chopped Tour Pack offered but still had the convenience of a passenger back support. The choice was simple for me, I ordered the Razor model.


When you order the Razor TP from the dealership you can have it color matched painted. I’m sure this adds to the turnaround time but you will be certain the TP will match your sled. I went ahead and ordered the cover lock (matching key to bags), passenger backrest, TP mounting plate and the 4 point docking station. All these parts arrived in less than 2 weeks. The TP itself took about 5 weeks to arrive from the time it was ordered.


One note about pinstripes. I had the stock red pinstripe on my sled covered with gloss black. I will eventually have matching pinstripes on the TP. Nothing to flashy just enough to continue the subtle flow of the existing pinstripe theme.

I had spray painted the bracket that mounts to the four point docking system flat black. I wanted to see how well it would look with the rest of the sled. I planned on trying this with gloss black too. Well… after I did the installation I liked how the flat black came out and didn’t bother with gloss. I will have to take my tour pack setup apart later so I can have it powder coated.


In my opinion, the Razor TP is a great alternative to the passenger backrest. It has the comfort and safety benefit with the added bonus of being able to carry smaller items. I can carry my laptop briefcase, jacket and more for my daily commute. You won’t be able to store a full sized helmet like the larger versions. I thought I would be taking the TP off when my wife wasn’t riding with me. I ended up liking the look enough where I don’t even bother taking it off. I also installed the Brukus security devices on the TP and saddlebags to add one level of theft deterrent.

If you’re into long distance multi-day rides I would recommend getting the larger TP for the added capacity. The ideal situation would be to purchase a King TP for the long hauls and use the Razor for daily riding. When I travel on long road trips I use a whole different Tour Pack setup. It’s called the GL1800 system, aka… Goldwing.