Day 10 – iRide…

Orlando, FL to Cocoa Beach, FL – Today’s goal was to make it to any part of the Atlantic Ocean and take a few photos. We took off in the morning for Cocoa Beach which is about 65 miles from where we’re staying. My sister Judi, Bro-in-law Nick and his mother came along too for this once in life time shot. It’s a good thing too otherwise there would have been a lot of solo pictures of Lorraine and I and not together!

The ride to Cocoa Beach was interesting. We had to stop so many times for toll booths! I didn’t realize there were so many along the way. I was told they are strategically placed to generate revenue from tourist wanting to travel to the theme parks. I’m not complaining, Judi and Nick were paying for my toll fee at each stop 🙂 LOL! Thanks guys!

Once we arrived at Cocoa Beach the hunt was on for the historical photo shoot. Call it luck or being blessed again because Judi found the perfect spot! I have to say it’s a huge deal for me to have this opportunity. Being able to ride across the country with my wife has been an awesome experience. We have seen the open highways like we’ve never seen them before and to come to the point where we’ve ridden across the country is a surreal experience. I knew it would be highly unlikely that I would ever make this ride again so the term “chance of a lifetime” really applied here.

Of course the photo session wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t show a photograph of the motorcycle!

After the momentous occasion we took off down the street to enjoy a kickin’ BBQ meal. We ate at a place near the beach called Slow and Low BBQ. I was glad to eat some Southern style BBQ as that’s part of this road trip to trying out the different flavors around the country.

We headed back to Orlando after lunch and once we arrived chilled at the hotel for awhile as we planned on going to Judi and Nick’s place later on the evening for dinner and desert.

The ride over to J/N place is short, not even 10 minutes away from the Embassy Suites. This of course doesn’t account for Lorraine stopping at Walmart on the way… Doooooooh!!

Whenever I see my sister it is always tough to say my goodbye’s. Just like Mallory she lives so far away and I rarely get to see her. I do appreciate the time I have with her but always wish we could spend more time with each other. To be part of each others lives more. Thanks for everything Sis!

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