Day 11 – iRide…

Orlando FL to Montgomery AL – Our final destination to the North is a town that has lot of history, especially with the civil rights movement. This is the town where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus and was arrested.

The ride to Montgomery is the halfway point between Orlando FL and Memphis TN. We encountered a few thunderstorms along the way but this time we were definitely more prepared and knew what to expect. We had our rain gear on before the rain started to really come down. One thing about riding the Southern states is you have to know you’re going to get thunder showers throughout the day especially in during the afternoon and evenings. You can see the storms coming and decide if your paths will meet then decide if  you should put on the rain gear. We had to do this 2-3 times on this leg of the trip and each time our gear was dry 15 minutes after we rode through the rain. I’m not a fair weather biker so riding in bad weather is not foreign to me. The photo below was taken while we were gassing up the wing. You can actually see the rainfall coming down from the clouds. The lightning and thunder is spectacular to watch unless it’s heading your way!

For lunch we stopped at a restaurant called the Cracker Barrel. It’s a place a co-worker had recommended I try if I was looking for a fried chicken dish. We stopped in Tallahassee FL, a place we’ve been before on our way into Florida. The food was great the service was so, so as the waiter seemed like he was buzzin’ on something. The food was physically there just not in the right plate. Once Lorraine and I made  a few swaps between the food items we were set.

We rode close to 500 miles today. We both drink a lot of water or gatorade to keep hydrated. Every so often I will pop open a Redbull to give me some kick.

Lorraine having a “light” meal before we hit the road again. One thing I’ve noticed is that the food servings are in large portions whether it be good tasting or not. So far I think we’ve both been lucky, the food has been delicious.

Tonight we are staying at the Embassy Suites in downtown Montgomery. I can honestly say the service here compared to Orlando FL is like night and day. The folks at Orlando made every effort to ensure your stay was the best it possilbly could be…

Zoom up close to the photograph below. It will give you an idea how the culture is at least in this particular area.

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