Day 15 – iRide…

Oklahoma City to Colorado Springs CO – One thing about riding the interstates you miss a lot of the great backroad scenery. Today I had this genius idea to ride the backroads from Oklahoma to Colorado. I guess I should have figured on riding the high plains of the Oklahoma pan handle for hours and hours! I can remember reading about the great plains and the dust bowl during the 1930’s. I never really gave it much thought until I had to ride through it. As far as you can see it is flat as a pancake. Not a single tree, hill or mountain in site for miles and miles. It’s during these times riding a motorcycle your mind starts to wonder if you had bike trouble you’d be in deep shit out there. Forget about cell phone service, you lost signal as soon you turned off the main highway looking for adventures.

Another caveat about backroad riding is the “eye blink” towns you come across. Typical backroad speeds are 65MPH. As you approach a town it drops to 55MPH as you get right to the border of the town it again drops down to 45MPH. This is where you will see the local law enforcement parked. He’ll make sure you’re within the towns driving speed of 35MPH! The various speeds are confusing as you may think the previous speed posted is the current speed allowed. If you miss a sign you’ll be over the speed limit! Oh! let’s not forget the work construction zones that are all over the place. If you are cited for anything it will be double the fine. Nice.

Luckily somebody had the idea of having a business out in the middle of nowhere. I guess this spot is popular with bikers since they do have gas and plenty of beverages. This is the only place in our whole trip that I saw a dog barking at us from the roof of a house. (home was attached to the business)

I spoke with a pack of bikers touring the Rocky Mountains and Wyoming. They mentioned that they took the Wyoming route over the Rockies. I’m plan on taking I-70. Someday we’ll do the loop iRide over the Northern states.

Mami chillin’ out for a minute before we enter Oklahoma Panhandle

We passed a few Sunflower fields. I can’t recall seeing anything like this in California though I’m sure they exists somewhere. This particular road HWY 270 is very desolate so stopping and snapping a few photos was no problem at all.

We didn’t see much in Oklahoma City since we came in late after a long days ride. I wanted to make a visit to the Oklahoma Memorial Building but just not enough time. Try again some other day.

Fun comment: I saw bike coming from behind me trying to catch up while in heading into Oklahoma City. He passed me as I was cruising at 80MPH. Once I knew he wasn’t a trooper I locked onto his speed. He tried to increase his and get away so I just kept on increasing my speed. After going for 7-8 miles at high speeds he finally peeled off. I have a Roadking in which this guy was riding. I know he can’t sustain high speeds over 100MPH very long, on a Goldwing it’s cruising speed. I still rode with one hand. 🙂

Disclaimer: I always ride safe and know my riding conditions and capability.

634 miles logged in today.

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