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GL1800 Goldwing Back…

I picked up my GL1800 Goldwing from the dealership yesterday. The work looks good, I did have an issue with a burnt out rear light bulb on the lower bottom side. The bulb is a common part that I was able to get down the street at the local auto parts store.

GL1800 Goldwing Oil Change…

I went ahead and did my own oil change since I wanted to use Mobile 1 20/50 synthetic oil. The mileage at the time of change was 56,113. I also replaced the oil filter with the OEM Honda model.

This particular oil blend is not cheap. Even with the online pricing it was close $10 per quart. It takes a little over 4 quarts to do a complete oil change.

In addition to the oil change I had to replace the left side low beam bulb as it was out. The right side was replaced but I forgot to log the date into this blog. I’m using Phillips brand bulbs at this particular cycle.

1985 Honda Magna Repair…

The previous owner had problems getting the bike registered due to its salvage title. One of the problems was the horn button not working properly and some weird taillight issues.

I replaced the left wiring harness and took apart the horn itself to see if there were any failing parts.

I put everything back together and now ready for the street legal inspection and certification.

IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_2019


Goldwing Squeak…

I had taken my GL1800 to the local Honda dealership Stockton Honda Yamaha service center to have a recall performed. I had also wanted them to replace all my brake pads at the same time since I already purchased them. Long story short the place did not replace the right side caliper set stating it didn’t need it. I was pissed since I always replace the fronts in pairs as the manual states.

IMG_1868 IMG_1870

Goldwing Recall!

My daily rider a 2007 GL1800 Goldwing had a master cylinder recall issued. This was a significant case as the rear wheel would lock and seize while at higher temperatures. 

Since the sled was getting serviced and the wheels would be off I had the shop install new brake pads (I thought all three sets) but it turned out to be the left front and rear. I also had the oil and oil filter changed. This all happened approximately at 39,500 miles.