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The 9th Ward District…

During our stay I wanted to go by the 9th Ward District to see if there were any changes since the last time we had gone. That was in 2007 over nine years ago. The landscape has improved but there are homes that never got rebuilt and 9 years of foliage growth has taken over the lot.

I originally planned on taking a photos of the abandoned homes but the GPS coordinates took us to the “Living Museum” a home that was converted to a museum with the support of the local community leaders and the city of New Orleans. 

The home was a typical “shotgun” style house layout so it worked out being to display and educate the public. While going through the photos and captions I ran across Ted Ellis. He’s an original resident of the 9th Ward that left to pursue a career as an artist. At the time of our visit he was working on one of the five large collage pieces that will be used for a “traveling” gallery as well as being displayed outside of the museum.

This was one of those chance acquaintances that turned out to be a learning opportunity and a better understanding of the 9th Ward and the folks that lived there in the past and present. I’ve always said the “creatives” of this world are the ones with a vision for change and to help make a better way of life for those around them. They give so much of their time and energy to pass down their heritage and culture to the younger folks. Creatives also have a very important attribute and that’s their natural skill set to take action and make visions a reality. I give a lot of props to these folks. 

Going through I-10 Texas…

I have to say the longest stretch of road I’ve ridden on car or motorcycle has to be I-10 going through Texas. It seems it goes on forever. I can see why a lot of travelers prefer taking the I-40 route as it is much more scenic and the there are plenty of towns that are geared more towards the “tourist” and sight seeing.

There are major cities along the way and that means Harley Davidson dealerships. Needless to say we’ve visited a bunch of them across this great country.


Back to the West Coast..

We took off heck of early this morning for the airport. The goal was to beat the Essence festival goers to the airport.  Tough to say goodbye to our New Orleans family, especially Baby J. I know we’ll be back but nevertheless it’s not a good feeling. I’m am super glad that Mal & Patrick let me take a lot of photos and videos.


Baby J First July 4th!

This morning we all woke up early to do a photo session at the City Park grounds. Lorraine and I had scoped out a few areas the day before. We were able to get some awesome photos and Baby J did really well as he slept through the whole time there. Even after we finished the photo-shoot and had some beignets at the cafe he was sound asleep.


Even after we finished the photo-shoot and had some beignets at the cafe he was sound asleep!


We had an easy night for dinner, picked up a couple pizzas from the local Pepperoni Rays.

Yup, wifey made a pot of rice to go with the pizzas and chicken wings..






NOLA City Park…

Yesterday we took a quick photo op checkout of City Park. This is one of the largest urban parks in the nation. It’s actually larger than New York cities Central Park. I’ve never really heard of it since it is out of the way and not so close to the city life where we have spent most of our visits to New Orleans.

One of the main attractions is the museum of fine arts. We went inside but had a bag check in policy. Since I was carrying a lot of camera gear I didn’t want to do the check in.


This photo taken at the botanical garden area of City Park. I can see where this would be a major attraction during the height of blooming season but during the blistering summer heat most of the showcase flower were already gone for the season.


One and only Filipino Restaraunt in NOLA..

We’ve heard about this Filipino restaurant located in New Orleans, LA. There is not a large Filipino population in NOLA so a place like Milkfish is unique. We had adobo last night and wifey wanted to get something else aside from the main dish so we checked out this new spot not from our Gentilly home location.

From the outside it’s deceiving. It gives the impression that this will be a small establishment but the setup is like the “shotgun” style homes I’ve seen and been to here in NOLA.




I’ve been to more Pinoy based restaurants than I can count. I live in Northern California where the population is huge and so we have a lot choices in our local area. I’ve never seen one that had the decor as MilkFish. It’s a different experience, something I’m not used to but not against. You definitely know you’re in an establishment that has the Filipino culture but nothing like the traditional places I’ve been to in the past.


Meet the Martians…

Today we had a mission to meet the Martians. I call Walmart customers Martians. Now even though I myself am shopping there I am not a Martian and neither is my earthling wifey 🙂

As usual we have a grocery list we go through and grab all the items. It seems we can never walk into an aisle without walking out with something we didn’t have on the list. I guess I’m guilty of it too, I see “snacks” with my name on it…


There is an area right inside the front doorway that has awesome lighting throughout the day. The glass windows allows and diffused light to pass, super nice.


Whoops! no updates…

I guess I’ve been lagging on the blog the last entry I had was our trip to the Grand Canyon. Needless to say this was the best ride we have ever taken. We saw so many sites and roadways too many to post up on here. One thing we’ve learned is that long distance riding is definitely in our blood we enjoy our time together rolling the highways.

The photo below was taken during our rides on historical Route 66 this road has been traveled by millions it is called the “Mother of Highways” since it has been around so long. We stopped by the typical tourist places like shops, restaurants. We also checked out a great Navajo gift shop that a great deal of local art of course Lorraine had a good time there.