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1970 Mustang 302 Coupe Flat…

I pulled the coupe out for a ride today and it was pulling severely to the right. I pulled over to give it a look and found the right front tire pulled out of the head and no air! I was able to hobble back home and pull the wheel off. I also found that I have a security bolt on each wheel. Luckily I noticed that the security bolt key was in my glove box. I was able to jack the car up and remove the tire.

After inspecting the tire I couldn’t find any indication of an object piercing the tire so I took it over to the Pepboyz auto center. They performed three dunk test and searched for bubbles indicating a hole. None to be found. It’s possible that the bead dislodged during a severe hit of some sort and slowly loss air. I will check the other front tire for proper air pressure.

I need to keep an on this as I ride around without a spare tire. I always figured I’d just get the car towed home if it was disabled or had a flat tire.

1970 Mustang 302 Coupe Power Project…

I have most of the parts to do a full power brake and power steering upgrade this winter. After trying a mock up run I discovered the bolts were not even the same. The power steering bracket from the 351 Cleveland is 5/8″ and the 302 head bolts for mounting 9/16″. I’m going to have custom brackets made and the bolts fit properly into the head.

I’ll have to clean up the steering box before doing the installation. I checked the play between the rat joint and the pitman arm and there is no discernible movement. I was planning on adjusting it but it’s not necessary. I think I will try brake cleaner or the engine degreaser in a can that’s available at the local auto part store.

1970 Mustang Lowering…

Actually this post should be called “raising”. It turns out with my weight and a full tank of gas, sub woofer system in the trunk the car rubs when hitting a hard bump. I also had a hard time going over full length speed bumps. The ones with a break in the middle I could split and go over without rubbing. I even had a hard time getting on the driveway.

All the rubbing and bottoming out is the reason I decided to lift it up a few inches. I still need to confirm the stock leaf spring count. It seems like there should be one more spring stacked under there.

The previous owner used lowering blocks to drop the car. The original drop was 3″ and it had a nice stance to it but again that was the gas tank not filled up, sub systems and me in it.

After all the trial and error removing the blocks and replacing with another, I ended up changing out the blocks three time until I was happy with the results. Not an easy thing to do since the whole process takes a fair amount of time.

1970 Mustang Coupe…

Well , no more Josie! I thought I would be keeping the 1963 Thunderbird but as it turns out an opportunity to trade for a super clean 1970 Mustang Coupe that had a ton of work done already was too good of a deal to pass.

The previous owner went for the Boss 302 theme. It’s not a Boss original but it does have a look that is unique to itself. The body paint is a textured satin black with all the trims and badges shaved off. The wheel setup has Boss 20″ rears and 18″ wheels up front. The power train is a 302 with an aftermarket cam, headers and 4 barrel. The transmission is the factory C4 rebuilt. It has a 8″ rear end with a full time locker and mini spool setup.