Dually 2K – driver seat repaired…

When I test drove the Dually for the first time I didn’t noticed the driver seat was damaged. It may have been or the previous owner may have broken it during the time we setup our second meeting. In any case it had to be repaired because I had to sit leaning against the window sill for leverage otherwise the seat would recede backwards in th4 extended cab area. 

The first step was to remove the seat from the floor pan. 


Dually 2K – failed smog…

One of the reason I’m able to flip for other cars of higher value than mine is that the cars I’m trying to get have some issue that current owner doesn’t want to deal with. It could be a costly fix or maybe the registration tags are coming up and a required smog cycle is due. This is where I come in, I fairly good at smog, electrical, climate controller issues. These are the achilles heel for a lot of folks and at some point they don’t want to deal with their troublesome car.

This is the reading I was getting when I did a OBD2 scan.

After replacing Bank 2, Sensor 1 02 sensor and doing a reset the monitors required reset after going through the GM specific drive cycles.

Dually time!…

I’ve always wanted one of these suckers, I traded my 1999 Cadillac Deville. This was a risk trade for me as the Chevrolet C3500 LS Dually had a title in Nevada, the paperwork was two owner down transaction and on top of it the truck did not pass smog emissions in California due to the Bank 2, Sensor 1 (pre-cat) heater was not operational.

Other than that the truck is in decent shape for a truck and already lowered which was the appeal for me. It drives like a freakin’ Flintstones car due to the lowered cut front springs and the rear has been “C” notched with the leaf springs reversed. I have a set of helper bags I’m going to install to help with harness of the ride when the pads makes contact.

Add oil log…

I’ll go ahead and log when I’m adding oil into the 1999 Cadillac Deville. It will give me an idea of how much it is consuming during a week of commuting. That’s approximately 550 miles a week on the average if I drive Caddy every day of the week.


No shaving…

This is what I would like if I decided not to shave and I was part Arabian or I could be serving slurpies down the street at the local 7 Eleven convenience store. Now that’s messed up! 

1963 Thunderbird – Happy Birthday!

One year ago to this day I drove my 1963 Thunderbird home. It was a cloudy and rainy day, I really didn’t know what to expect getting a car that was only a year younger than me. Throughout the year I had spent countless hours fixing and repairing issues that cropped up or already had. It was a learning experience for me but also added the confidence to work on anything. 

It was fitting that I purchased a couple of NOS tail light setup for Josie this morning, sort of a birthday present!

 I plan on keeping Josie until my golden years. Hopefully by that time i would have done most of the work and restoration I set out to do. 

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