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1970 El Camino mystery thunk…

I’ve noticed a “thunk” sound when changing direction front to reverse or visa versa. It doesn’t matter what the starting drive is.

This will happen when the wheels are turned all the way into one direction. I need to investigate.

This is a place holder posting.

1970 El Camino seat lean…

Since owning the Elco the driver side seat has always leaned back further then the passengers. Really didn’t bother me much until wifey sat on it and is sitting way ahead of me and it blocks part of my view to the right window.

I checked out the usual possibilities and it turns out it is a cracked frame. I just went through this with my 2000 Chevy 3500 dually.

I ordered a hog ring plier and a bunch of hog rings. I plan on removing the driver seat cover and determine what type of work will be needed for seat repair.

1970 El Camino Windshield Fluid Reservoir…

Thought about cleaning up the original wiper fluid reservoir. Nah, I could get a reproduction that is a drop in fit and did.

I even replaced the cap. One thing I noticed the hose was so old and a different diameter then the cap setup I have now. I’ll have to replace if I ever decide to get it all working again.