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1970 El Camino Door Trim…

The drivers side door trim was in really bad shape. The rear section was held down using a visible screw. I was able find a replacement piece on fleaBay for a very low price. Once I figured out how to properly install the plastic fasteners it was an easy installation.

1970 El Camino Seat Issue…

I removed the driver seat again this time removing the seat cover. That itself was not an easy task especially if you’ve never done it before. The broken edges were in the direction of pressing against the leather seat cover risking the chance of cutting through. It took awhile but I was able to get the seat cover past the edged area.

You can see by bending the metal back to the original position it doesn’t look as bad. I’m going to have the seat frame welded later on today.

Squeak is gone!!!

I’ve went in circles trying to find this high pitched squeak with no luck. I had used silicon grease on every bushing under the UMI Suspension System. There are a lot of zerk fittings using this type of tubular suspension and some of them are fairly well hidden from casual view. One good note all fittings were accessible with my particular grease gun that does not have a 90 degree angle.

With the expertise of my mechanic friend Dave he found the source of the squeak in less than 5 minutes. I guess I have a lot to learn still.

The culprit was the top washer end cap for the driver side Viking shock system. You can see in the photo where it makes contact with the frame.


Damn Squeak!

Tonight I pulled the driver side rear tire off and redid the brake calipers with brake quiet adhesive and lubricated the friction point with grease. As soon as I got off the driveway I knew the squeak was not fixed. Grrrrrrr!

Still Squeaking…

I pulled off the wheel again and applied silicon grease to the sway bar, lower A arm bolt and drove it around. I still have this freakin' squeak. The source doesn't seem to be coming from the front left as much. It's more so everywhere!

Hard to tell unlike before when it was very pronounced. This happens only when the car is moving. I can jump up and down inside the bed and this will not produce a squeak. I can push down on the driver front side and no squeak either (It used to using this method).

1970 El Camino Damn Squeak…

I took apart the front brake calipers and removed the pads. Added CRC Brake quieter and greased all the caliper friction points.

Took the ElCo out for a spin and the squeaking seems to have diminished by 90%. I consider that a success.

One note, I used my impact wrench and it seems to do more damage then it is worth. I'll be using my cheater bar and torque wrench in the future.

I actually broke a deep socket trying to get a lug nut off and I also lost a 13/16 lug chrome cap cover somewhere.

1970 El Camino – Hood Time!

When I got my El Camino the previous owner had a cowl air induction style hood that he planned on installing. It was painted black primer so I didn’t bother installing it.

The original hood has damage under the driver side mounting bracket. The hood is fracked along the point. Last night with the help of a friend we mounted the replacement hood. I plan on getting it painted this week.