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Add oil log…

I’ll go ahead and log when I’m adding oil into the 1999 Cadillac Deville. It will give me an idea of how much it is consuming during a week of commuting. That’s approximately 550 miles a week on the average if I drive Caddy every day of the week.


1999 Cadillac Keys made…

I ordered from eBay Cadillac key blanks that have the necessary VATS resistance pellet. I didn’t realize most professional locksmiths will not make you a copy if you don’t mind the blank from them.

I went over to the local ACE hardware store and asked the workers if they would. After a couple of turn downs an employee was found that had the skill set to cut the key. It worked out great as this person was able to make copy of both the ignition and trunk keys. I had 2 sets made, the cost was $6. You can’t beat that deal!

1999 Cadillac Deville Antenna Mast…

I took apart my power antenna assembly this morning so I could replace the mast and cable. As it turns out the the cable was still in one piece and usable.

This is an easy fix, you may need two people so you can turn on the ignition and let the radio signal trigger the power antenna to extend. Once the antenna begins to extend you can turn off the ignition and hold the antenna in place. You’ll also have to remove the power harness (black) from the receptacle to prevent the antenna from going back down.

I used a pair vice-grips to hold the top section of the antenna while turning the end tip clockwise. This will allow removal of the lower two sections. The top section of the mast is the portion that connects to the cable. Luckily for me the lower sections of the antenna was part bent. 


Caddy 99′

I have to say the size of the 1999 Cadillac Deville trunk seems to be on par with the size of my former Cadillac the Fleetwood Brougham De Elegance package. The trunk space is massive! I did a look over this afternoon and clean up. It has a nice spare tire and jack and the tire jack iron. If I ever get a flat I definitely would prefer a star lug nut tool. 

You can tell by the side moldings the weather strip is doing the job. After all these years no rust or evidence of standing water. The trunk space is so deep it falls into a shade. 

Caddy 99′ Remote…

I got off of work and couldn’t get Caddy 99’s stock remote to disarm. After fidgeting around with for awhile I got it to disarm after the damn thing set off and started honking. Took it apart when I got home and it was the battery holder piece not soldered down securely. Easy fix for me. 

Caddy 99′

Here we go again! I traded my Mercedes Benz SLK230 for a 1999 Cadillac Deville. The car is in excellent shape with very few cosmetic issues. There are a few items that require attention but nothing to stop me from using it as a primary four wheel commuter.