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Various comments or notes on my Mercedes Benz 380SL.

Rag Top Time…

I wanted to try out the rag top since the weather forecast still calls for rainy weather. It was a bitch to close down and setting the locks.  I had to ask the wifey for some of her muscle to push down on the top so I can use the special tools.

I’m digging the way the rag top looks. It’s not the standard black you see most of the time. This one matches the 904 stock paint color of the MB.



MB 380SL Touch up…

I’m going to attempt using touch up paint on my classic Mercedes Benz. I figure if I make it worse I can always remove it.

I went online and found that my paint is a dark blue 1984 color and the paint code is a 904. The online own paint seller has the instructions as well as the materials to perform the work. The kit arrived yesterday and a lot smaller than I expected. I better get good fast because I don’t have much to practice with.

Finally tunes on the Benz…

When I purchased the Mercedes Benz 380SL the radio deck front cover was damaged and hanging on by gravity. I could see where the previous owner tried in vain using super glue to adhere the mounting brackets. How freakin’ ghetto can you get? I guess using clear gift wrapping tape could have been worse.

I found a used JVC deck that had Iphone hookup via a USB port and it also had a auxiliary input. All this for $40 bucks. The price of car audio decks have gone down down so much since the early 80’s.


Old school tech…

I’ve been around technology all my adult life and have worked in the cellular industry for many, many years. My part in the technology was towards the cell site hardware.

This gigantic amplifier was located under the rear deck of the MB 380SL. It has a custom key for removal. Unfortunately I did not have this custom key and the amplifier had to removed by brute force.

I went over to my buddy’s place who’s into cars and he had the idea of using a crowbar to rip the underside off which was held by only a couple of sheet metal screws.

By removing this cell amp I gain more space for car audio amplifier installation or a sub woofer cabinet area.



MB 380SL Mono-valve…

I have an intermittent problem with my climate controller on the MB380SL. Sometimes it works fine and other time I have no heat or fan blower movement. One cause I’ve read on the online forums was a bad mono-valve that may intermittely become stuck and prevent heated coolant to pass through and into the heater core.

This valve receives its signal from the climate controller inside the cabin. You can see where the screen preventing contaminants from entering has become corroded over time.