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1st Commute!

I took off early this morning for my first day at work. It will take some adjusting as I’m supposed to be at work by 8am!!! By the time I get to leave it’s dark again. Leave in the dark, come home in the dark. It will be fine once the winter months wear off.


Time to say goodbye!

Well, after all these years working in the telecomm industry I’m finally hanging it up. One of the positives about leaving the company, I will not have to travel all over the planet which was a factor in me making the decision. So from this point on, my “while commuting” entries will be between Stockton and Folsom. That itself will take time getting used too.

It was sad leaving co-workers and friends I met during the past 25 years but I’m excited about the new challenges to come. The photograph taken below is my last day at work. Nice going away BBQ potluck, a motorcycle shop seat and many well wishes. A couple of fellas took the fork lift and sealed me in my office. I literally had to climb over office cubicles.