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Flat.. ain’t this a bitch..

I put a lot of miles on my commuter mobile. Considering the amount of time I’m on the road I think I’ve been fairly lucky not getting too many flats. I’ve had my share on the motorcycle and cars the past 30 years so it’s really no big deal except for the hassle of getting a replacement.

I got a flat on highway 99 North right near the Lodi airport where the parachuters hangout.


Beater Boxster brakes…

One thing about the Porsche, it has so many sensors that monitors various vitals of the car. When I first got the car I had the “break wear” warning. I knew I had to get them done soon.

I had both of my front pads replaced with after market ceramic pads and had new rotors installed at the same time. Since the wheels were off the calipers were painted red with high temp caliper paint.


New toy Porsche Boxster 986…

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted a Porsche car. I guess when your a kid you when  you think of racing cars and speed you automatically think of Porsche (or at least I did).

Earlier this morning I picked up my Porsche 986. It is far from being pristine but that’s okay I just call it my restoration project 🙂 Since it has a long way to go to fix up I’m going to call my Porsche “Beater Boxster”. The Boxster is the model name.



Comcast XFinity Service Sucks!!

Still no XFinity service. I have to say the lack of customer service is probably one of worse experience ever. I’ve tried both the human call center and the online chat support. It’s as if there are three different server computers trying to keep track of the service work orders and none of them communicate with each other. 

The chat “canned responses” damn near drove me nuts. You type a question and the response would be so generic it didn’t get you closer to resolving the issue. A waste of time for responding. 

I was supposed to have service completed yesterday. I waited all day for this to happen and they never showed up. Tonight I left another email stating my concern, a little more on the pissed off side. A few hours later I received a call from their Sacramento ground crew confirming they would be out Tuesday to resolve the cable signal loss issue. 

Need for speed…

When I first setup our internet with AT&T it seemed to be a good deal. The cost versus performances was reasonable but over the years it seemed that the service was getting slower even though I had a guaranteed bandwidth of 12MB’s. Another weird situation was with my email authenticating with the various domain names I own. I’d get weird errors about not being able to authenticate my account credentials.

So… today I’m switch over to a service I left many years ago Comcast. They have since changed the service name to Xfinity but it’s the same company. I’ll be using the Motorola SB6141 and the Apple Airport Extreme revision 6. This will be the first time I will not be renting the providers equipment, I wanted a dedicated modem instead of the “all-in-one” solutions.

Waiting for the Xfinity tech to come by and connect my cable lines…

IMG_6555EDIT: technician came by and hooked up the cable. Still no signal! It turns out there is a break in signal between the street box and our home. Next step, underground crew..



This sucks…

Just got my car from the dealership for a Saturn ION recall, pulled into a gas station and the damn car won’t start. Now I’m waiting for a tow back to the dealership. A whole morning lost..

IMG_6527EDIT: Bumpy ride back into town..
EDIT: It turns out that the battery was not holding a charge. I guess this is a reasonable condition since the car was sitting in front of the house for so many months before I took it in for the recall repair.

Back to the West Coast..

We took off heck of early this morning for the airport. The goal was to beat the Essence festival goers to the airport.  Tough to say goodbye to our New Orleans family, especially Baby J. I know we’ll be back but nevertheless it’s not a good feeling. I’m am super glad that Mal & Patrick let me take a lot of photos and videos.