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Baby Josol goes home!

I guess you can say this week will be filled with milestones for Baby Josol. Practically everything he does will be for the first time. I’m thankful that I’m here to see firsthand most of these events or at least close to the time it happened. Today we got to hang around the Mal & Patricks place. What a great area and beautiful home.


Charter House Dinner…

After leaving the hospital for Baby Josol’s birthday we headed back to the hotel and then off to dinner. We chose a restaurant that is only a few blocks down the street. The restaurant is called the “Charter House”.

I know we have passed it many times in the past but I never realized that there was an upstairs balcony you can sit and have a meal. The location is a couple blocks away from the noisy Bourbon Street madness so you can enjoy your meal and have conversation without yelling.

Me at the Charter House, French Quarters

Wifey at the Charter House, French Quarters

Shrimp appetizer before are main meal.




Baby JPC is here!

My grandson is here and he’s perfect!! Both my daughter and grandson are doing fine, son-in-law did phenomenal! I won’t go into the details but this wasn’t a “easy as pie” delivery but everything worked out great! I’m so proud!


Words can’t really describe what I’m feeling. My grandson not only has my bloodlines of the fathers before me he also carries the name of “Josol” as his first. I can’t even recall anyone I know doing this with their child. I’m so thankful and grateful to both Mallory and Patrick. In my world that’s a sign of ultimate respect. I don’t take that lightly and forever will be proud every time I see my grandson Josol.

Heading off to see grandson…

We are heading off to New Orleans to see our grandson. He’s not born yet but we’ll hopefully be there before he arrives. Flying out of Sacramento, CA. taking the early bird flight.

We dropped off Serenity and Miles off to the pet boarding house located in Lodi, CA. This place is like Disneyland for dogs. I’m not sure they’re going to want to leave such a plush setting and service when we get back home. 


Getting ready tonight with the packing. Lorraine looks as if she is stating for a week or so. I can probably fit all my clothes in a shoe box. 

What again?…

I’ve had an up and down affair with blogs ever since they became available to the general public. I think the notion that you can say whatever you want and not be censored appeals to the “purest”. That’s all before they get swallowed up by the behemoth FB. It seems they’ve made it so much easier to share your thoughts and adventures. Unfortunately you also get a lot of noise from others that believe taking a photograph of what they are eating for breakfast at home is an adventure.

So I’ve come back around in a loop. The thought of blogging is great to keep in contact with family and friends and also document experiences as they happen. In my case I’m becoming more forgetful so this media format is ideal. What I’ve done is migrate my very first blog database into the one you’re reading now. That means this blog goes way back..

On with the story…

100,000 pooking miles!!

We went on a ride today on the Goldwing with the intentions of hitting the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer. I sort of guess-a-mated the general area where we would end up at the beginning of my work week and I came damn close to the expected location.



The area we ended up hitting the historical mileage is a place located between Walnut Grove and Lodi, CA. It’s a place I like to take a ride to often or pass through if I want a change of scenery. The “Bird Sanctuary” was the perfect spot. IMG_5969

We’ve put a lot of miles together, especially on the Goldwing. It was only fitting when I hit the milestone mark of 100,000 miles my wife Lorraine was with me to be part of it.