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Porsche 986 Boxster @#$!%!#$!! overspray!!

I’ve had some disappointing moments with Beater Boxster’s paint job project. One of the high items of my “piss me off, really?” moments was scraping the damn overspray off my windshield and side windows. It was so bad I could barely see through it when I was driving towards the sun.

I tried the WD-40, paint thinner, cleaner route and none of that stuff really made a difference. I finally got a tip from a YouTube video that showed a guy removing overspray from glass using a wide razor blade. It turns out I had one of these in my tool box so I was in luck and could try it out right away. It took a while but I got the overspray off.

All the plastic and masking protection was a precaution when I was handling the different chemicals that didn’t even work.


Still not back from paint…

It’s been over two weeks since my Porsche 986 Boxster has been at the paint shop. It has been out twice so far and returned for unsatisfactory work. The first time was for lack of “buff and cut” work and the most recent 2nd time due to poor quality work with particles and paint runs.

This will be the third time it’s going back in for re-work.

Beater Boxster in for Paint & Bodywork..

Took in the Beater Boxster for some bodywork and a paint job. It will be interesting to see if they can get this hole in the rear bumper fixed. A constant eye sore for me. The front of the car looked as if the previous owner drove directly behind a gravel truck for hundreds of miles. The top of the roof had a lot of paint damage too along with the sides.

As a matter of fact the whole car had scratches and dents not just one particular area.IMG_3538

Night time shot downtown Stockton..

I took the DJI up to 400 feet above ground level and had the GoPro 4 Silver set to 2 seconds intervals between each shot. Even though the screen blanks out every two seconds I’m still able to compose my frame and composition.

The next time I do night time photos I want to get closer to the downtown district area, possibly shoot some video too rather just concentrating on stills.


Porsche 986 Boxster – rear deck replacement..

I’ve always been bugged looking at the Boxster’s rear deck. It seemed as if somebody exploded a box of golf balls inside the trunk as there were small dents coming from the inside. I found a black Boxster S model deck on craigslist and called the seller up.

We made arrangements for the weekend and I drove over for pickup. The seller was an interesting a guy as he was into making sport car replicas.

When I got to his place he showed me his Boxster S model that he had cut in half and extended 11 inches! I can’t wait to see his final work.



The swap out only took a few minutes, nothing really to it. The replacement deck had all the hardware already mounted. I had to use a little elbow grease waxing off the “Boxster S” logo that was removed from and sold to somebody else. That worked out fine since I don’t own that model.


IMG_7919 IMG_7920