63′ Thunderbird Tranny Problems…

So my 63′ Thunderbird has been leaking since the day I got it. I’ve tried tightening down the tranny pan and vacuum modulator but it still leaked oil.

I decided to take it to a local transmission for leakage repair and vacuum modulator replacement. I already purchased the “green stripe” modulator and brought everything over to High Speed Transmission located in Stockton, CA.

The gasket replacement and valve replacement went well but when I took it off for the ride home it started slipping after 5 miles or so. When I was entering the freeway entrance the motor and transmission completely lost engagement and I was forced to coast next to the sound abatement wall. Not a good spot, no shoulder and right next to a wall to get smashed.

I’m still don’t understand why after getting service this all happened. A part of me is saying it’s not  a coincidence and that the mechanic Mike made an error in some process. I will make sure I get a warranty and have him test drive before receiving the car back. This definitely sucked.

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