Still Squeaking…

I pulled off the wheel again and applied silicon grease to the sway bar, lower A arm bolt and drove it around. I still have this freakin' squeak. The source doesn't seem to be coming from the front left as much. It's more so everywhere!

Hard to tell unlike before when it was very pronounced. This happens only when the car is moving. I can jump up and down inside the bed and this will not produce a squeak. I can push down on the driver front side and no squeak either (It used to using this method).

1970 El Camino Damn Squeak…

I took apart the front brake calipers and removed the pads. Added CRC Brake quieter and greased all the caliper friction points.

Took the ElCo out for a spin and the squeaking seems to have diminished by 90%. I consider that a success.

One note, I used my impact wrench and it seems to do more damage then it is worth. I'll be using my cheater bar and torque wrench in the future.

I actually broke a deep socket trying to get a lug nut off and I also lost a 13/16 lug chrome cap cover somewhere.

Friday night car meetup…

We went and checked out the local car meetup at Trinity Parkway parking lot. This is a cruiser based show with a few hot rods and other cars that didn't quite fit the general genre. We drove Josie in and left before it started raining. Unfortunately we still caught rain while getting a couple of subway sandwiches. It really did not matter since we just wiped her down when we got home.